Recruiting to Diversity

Diversity is among the most critical topics facing Corporate America today and into the future. Organizations can no longer afford to ignore the growing diversity in society in terms of multicultural growth, the exploding millennial market and the significant increase in the influence and power of women consumers. "We Solve the Great Disconnect" is the term we use to define the gap between the diverse make-up of today’s consumer base and the often less diverse make-up of the salesforce and employees of many organizations.

What We Offer

Global Diversity Marketing has developed a facilitator-led blended learning program to help your leadership team attract and retain more diverse talent.
  • Multicultural Recruiting
  • Recruiting Women
  • Recruiting Millennials

Multicultural Recruiting

  • With one of every three people in the U.S. coming from diverse markets and growing, does your workforce reflect this trend?
  • We will offer proven techniques to attract the diverse workforce including the impact of networking in associations where you have the opportunity to meet different people.
  • We will teach you about the power of referrals to meet multicultural candidates who can help your business grow.

Recruiting Women

  • With women being a dominant part of the workforce, there are still many industries that don’t have a fair share of women in key roles. We can help you with proven techniques to attract more women to your business.
  • Women can bring a different perspective to many jobs more commonly held by men. We will train you on ways to attract women to your non-traditional careers.
  • We can teach you how to network with women who will bring talent to your company.